5 Most Common Window Types For Your Home

The window is one of the most important design elements of a house. They not only let in natural light and allow cross-ventilation but also pose as a statement worthy aesthetic element that can contribute to the visuals of your home.

However, not many people know that windows come in many different styles and that each style can perfectly complement some distinct interior design styles. So if you’re searching for ideas on interesting window designs, then here are the most common ones that you can feature in your homes:

  • Bay Windows

Source: Unsplash


Bay windows are designed on an outward projection of an exterior wall. The base of these windows is usually used to design a cozy sitting area where one can sit down and enjoy the view. These windows are usually large and the classic ones usually feature an angular projection that elevates both; the view and the amount of natural light that filters in through the opening.


Bay windows have that old-school vintage traditional vibe, which is why they look quite gorgeous when furnished with custom draperies. Some people try to use ready-made drapes on their bay windows, however ready-made drapes do not usually fit ideally on bay windows since bay windows are very diverse and require custom draperies for a perfect fit. You can pick patterned fabrics with a backdrop of sheer curtains so that you’ll be able to enjoy some diffused light while sitting on the bench of your bay window. These types of window coverings also pair well with the throw cushions that you’d be featuring on the seat of the bench.


  • Casement Windows


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Casement windows are a classic. They are rectangular or square-ish in shape. The window panes open like doors and are attached to the frame with one or two hinges depending on the size and length of the opening. These windows can be styles in any design that you want, but the glass-pane aesthetic always looks iconic. It’s gold that timeless stylishness that goes well with all types of home interiors as well as exterior elevations.


Casement windows are highly versatile, so you can pair them with pretty much any type of window treatment that you like. They look exceptional with sheer and net curtains. They can pull off sleek shutters as well as classy roller blinds equally well. You can evoke a homely touch in their design by pairing them also with textured roman blinds.


  • French Windows


Photo by Craig  on Unsplash


French windows and doors are often intermixed with one another – but rest assured that they are completely different. Known in France as portes-fenêtres (door-sized windows), the sheer drama and classiness of this style are highly sophisticated, interesting, and able to emulate a space with uninhibited natural light due to their largeness. The leaves of French windows are similar to the casement style windows but they don’t have vertical mullions between each door – instead, they’re large, open symmetrically, and look extremely elegant.


French windows are narrow and tall. They’re extremely symmetrical and classy. You can match them with beautiful drapes – both sheer and patterned.  You can hang pelmets and beautiful valances on top of these windows to enhance their classical appeal. You can also do the opposite and match stunning Venetian and roller blinds with these windows for a more contemporary look.


  • L-shaped Windows


Source: Unsplash


L-shaped windows are the piece de resistance of a modern style interior design. They’re usually installed with aluminum sliding window frames and are incredibly sleek. The biggest benefit of having L-shaped windows is that they let in natural light from two different sides, which helps illuminate the room better. These windows also enhance the view that can be enjoyed from inside the house by expanding the vision from two walls instead of just one.


L-shaped windows pair best with a sleek roller and Venetian blinds. They can also be matched with modern curtains – but only if the frame is slightly vintage, i.e. complete with panes. L-shaped windows require regular maintenance, so you need to know how to maintain them. Other than that, the understated drama of this window style will definitely help improve the aesthetic of your home.


  • Arched Window


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Arched windows are incredibly stylish. They have a neo-classical vibe and tend to emulate a Victorian-era inspired look in interiors and exterior designs. Arched windows can be found in many styles. Some feature a barrel arch, some feature a horseshoe arch (especially the traditional Mughal or Islamic style ones), some feature a pointed arch (the gothic ones), and some feature a segmented arch style (the contemporary ones).


The arch of the window is always outfitted with a fanlight, which is a decorative encasement with a unique frame and glass panes that let in natural light. The bottom half of arched windows are usually installed with double-door casement windows.


The arched window style pairs extremely well with sheer curtains and layered drapes that complement the shape of the arch. You can affix beautiful sconce-style wall lights on either side of such windows to get the full, atmospheric effect.


So these are some of the most popular window styles. Each one has its own unique flavor and brings something new to the table. Since choosing the right window for your home is highly important, we hope that this guide helps you select one that complements your home design style the best.



Zana is a window treatment consultant with over 20 years of experience.