So when really is the best time to install your windows?

While every season is unique, carrying its own pros and cons, anytime can be your best time. 

However, our company agrees that spring is the best time. This is when things start to pick up from the winter and contractors are less busy.


Here is a small breakdown of each season:

  • Quite busy during the summer – most contractors charge slightly more during this time since they can be booked far back (not ideal)
  • Fall seems like a close fit but be prepared for a few rainy days.
  • Winter can be awesome if you want some additional discounts and don’t mind the weather. You can get your windows installed if the temperatures are above 37 Fahrenheit.
  • Spring is the perfect time. The conducive weather and season make it easier for the process to run smoothly.



Summer is a popular season for window installments and the reasons are quite apparent. People have loads of time on their hands plus the weather is just right for the exercise.

Additionally, the long days during summer ensure a lot gets done by installers making the exercise quicker.

However, this season is very busy and you may have to wait for a long time before you get a contractor to start on your project. Moreover, summer may present a few problems with high heat and humidity but that shouldn’t worry you if you have a professional windows installer.


Fall fall season leaves

If you’re thinking of beating the winter’s cold, then early fall is the best time to get your windows installed. Installing windows during this time lets you realize your return on investment when you pounce on your first heating bill during winter.

In some areas, it might help to prepare for a few rainy days which may delay the installation a bit.

Just like summer, this season is usually busy for contractors and you might need to exercise some patience before an installer works on your windows.

Not to worry though, you can always schedule an early installment by booking before everyone else.



It’s quite rare for people to think about windows installation during winter. The cold and snow seem all too messy to get new windows.

Not really.

Winter may actually present the best opportunity to get your windows installed. The contractors are very available during this time and therefore you won’t have to wait on the line for your windows to get replaced.

The prices are also low during this time due to low demand plus you may get fat discounts during this slow season.


Spring spring season flowers

The warm weather and sunny days in spring present the best time to get your windows installed. The exercise is also tolerable during this period since it’s warm and it takes a short time.

A quick tip when deliberating on choosing spring is to book early. Most homeowners prefer installing their windows during this time so you may have to wait.

Book during summer to have your windows installed in early spring before the competition catches up on you.


Factors to consider when choosing the season to do window installation

Deciding on the best time to do window installation can be a bit daunting. The following factors may help in making an informed decision.



Let’s face it –money is sort of a big deal. While installing windows may not be considered as some sort of luxury, it can get pretty expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, some seasons might be more appropriate to suit your needs.

Taking into consideration basic business concepts of demand and supply, it may be much cheaper to install your windows during winter when the demand is low.



It’s an overwhelmingly busy life and time is getting scarcer by the minute. So much to do with no time to do it. Availability is paramount when getting your windows installed. Choose a season when you can spare a few days or weeks and be indoors while the exercise is carried out.


Condition of your windows

It’s winter and there’s a big crack on your window. Going to wait till spring to have it fixed? I bet not.

Replacing your windows is largely dependent on their current condition. The season might not matter much when the need is dire.


Preparing for window installation

Window installation

Regardless of the season, certain preparations should proceed with the installation of your windows to ensure a smooth sail.

  • Remove window accessories such as blinds or curtains to ensure they don’t get damaged in the process.
  • Clear or trim branches of trees near your windows to avoid distracting the installer especially during spring.
  • Deactivate any security sensors on your windows before the work begins.
  • Dust off your windows to prevent problems with caulk.
  • To avoid unnecessary injuries, keep pets and toddlers away from the scene.
  • Remove any furniture or anything that may act as an obstruction to the installer. This also doubles as a measure to prevent needless damage.

To help you narrow down on the most appropriate time of the year to install your windows, here is a quick look at each individual season.



While windows may be installed or replaced virtually any time of the year, each season presents advantages and disadvantages.

Certain factors such as budget, availability, and condition of the windows need to be considered when choosing the time to install windows. These are paramount as they directly affect the exercise.

Ideally, spring proves to be the most appropriate time to get your windows installed.

And yes, there are a plethora of reasons to get new windows installed or replaced. Maybe you are sick of paying high heating bills or suffering under the cold. Perhaps it’s the hot summer’s sun –it has caused your furniture and drapes to fade. Or it could be you can’t stand the old, drafty windows that rattle, get stuck, and must be painted almost every three months.