Marvin makes wooden windows combining the quality and price factor of the high scale range. Apart from wood, Marvin also works with fiberglass. However, they do not have any market in vinyl windows.

Marvin manufactures five series in total, which are branded. Moreover, in addition to the five branded series, Marvin also makes Integrity and Infinity replacement window brands.

So, how much do Marvin Windows cost?

 The price range for “standard” Marvin windows is between $900-$1600 per window. The prices include installation costs from a third party contractor. Marvin has a diverse price range for the various types of windows that they sell.

Marvin windows fall in the high price range, but they are worth the price that consumers have to pay since they will get some of highest quality windows in the world, a great warranty, and more.

Marvin Window Price Factors

The most significant price factor for Marvin windows is the branded series you choose. The optimal go to double-hung windows by Marvin is from its Ultimate Windows Series. The windows in this series fall under the price range of $350 to $700 per window.

If you want to go for the top of the line windows, Marvin’s Infinity Series classic double-hung window is the one to go for. It comes in three different styles, including Standard, Cottage, and Oriel.

Windows in this series fall under the price range of $1,200 and $1,500. The small price range gap is mostly dependent on where you are located.

Then comes the Marvin Infinity Ultrex fiberglass windows series. This one features fancy components with color-matched and neutral dark components.

They come along ebony and bronze interior crafts. To make it easier to clean, the easy-tilt finish is often recommended.

The prices for all these windows are not definite as they depend on several factors. It mainly depends on the series you choose to buy. Other than that, it depends on whether there are any discounts available or not.

Apart from what is mentioned above, the type of design you choose can also impact the price within the same series. For instance, if you decide to use premium material for design, it is going to cost more. Moreover, extra costs for hardware and locks also count as well along with the opening control devices.

Another thing to consider is the installation cost. This mainly depends on whether the window in question is a replacement or a first-time installation. If new carpentry is required, it will cost more than what it would cost if all that was needed was to place a replacement window in an already existing frame.

Product Lines

The product lines for Marvin is not that diverse in terms of the material used as the mainline if offered in wood. This also includes a proprietary interior finished commonly and famously known as EverWood. EverWood is offered in many varieties.

The series includes:

  • Marvin Ultimate Windows
  • Marvin Ultimate Insert Windows
  • Marvin Tilt Pac Windows
  • Marvin Specialty
  • Marvin Infinity Ultrex

Styles/Types of Windows

The best series by Marvin, the Ultimate set comes in three different styles, including: 

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Awing

The Tilt Pac window also comes in two different styles, including the single-hung and double-hung windows.

Type of Frame

Marvin works with wood, and so most windows come in wooden frames. The size and shape depend upon the series of windows you choose.

The basic framework is most common for Marvin windows, but it all depends on the consumer. Moreover, there is one exception, which is the Ultrex series, in which Marvin uses fiberglass to make the frames.

Type of Glass

The types of glass used in windows have a wide range as well. Customers have insulating glass options that have two varieties, including dual pane and triple pane.

There are different glass coatings options that you can choose, including the Low E1, Low E2, Low E3, and Low ERS. Moreover, there are options for decorative glass and a speciality glass options range. The prices for each varies.

Window Size

With regards to size, Marvin offers custom-sized windows which can come in any shape and size according to the needs of the customers. However, prices will depend on the shape and size you choose as these two dictate the amount and type of material to be used.

Final Words

Marvin windows are the best option for the mid to high price range. There are different varieties of series available which you can choose from according to your environment and needs.

Additionally, you have several frames and styles available for your choice, which can also be customized. They come in a variety of sizes, so no matter where you need to install them, you will find the perfect size for it.


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