When you own a home, the care, and upkeep of your windows, although not usually a consistent concern, are a major expense and consideration. Windows are such an important part of your dwelling, that’s why most manufacturers build them to last for decades.

Although there are several methods by which they can open, casement windows are the oldest and most popular of them all. If you are replacing ones in your old house or planning to build a new one, today we cover the benefits of casement windows, which includes the pros and cons.


What is a Casement Window?

Casements are a style of window defined by its ability to move into an open position. They can pivot or hinge with an in or out opening along a vertical side of their frame. This mechanism often operates from a perpendicular position and at a 90º angle.

They can come in a range of sizes from as small as nearly 24″ wide and as tall as almost 70″. They must be opened by using some kind of attached device, like a handle, crank, or lever swinging open from the top, bottom or sides. The beauty of these is that they can appear together or as a single window.


A Brief History of Casement Windows

Casement windows were the very first style of window for domestic use and continue to be a popular choice since before Medieval times. Even with the advent of sash windows in the 1600s, they have been and continue to be the most preferred. Casement windows originated in places like France, Germany and Great Britain with heavy adaptations in the United States and Canada.

Traditionally, they opened outward and placed below fixtures or another window. The French version is most popular to this day. Known as French Doors or French Windows, they open inward which allows for entry into porches, balconies, patios and etc.


Benefits of Casement Windows (the Pros)

There are several reasons why going with casements are a good idea, especially if your home is older.

What’s Old Is New Again

Casement windows offer a modernized look to your home and at the same time, you’ll retain a historic and centuries-old construction people have relied on through the ages.

Safe ; Secure from Danger

You have to use the handle-type mechanism for the window to open. This offers protection from unwanted and uninvited characters entering home. Even if someone manages to break the glass, they still won’t be able to gain access into your house because they will have to use the crank or lever to get in.

To further the security capabilities of casement windows, some people remove the opening mechanism from the window when it’s not in use.

Efficiency; Budget

Energy Star has placed this specific style of window on their list of the most energy-efficient for 2020.

The locking mechanisms of casement windows offer great protection from changes in weather and seasons. This means there’s a great likelihood in being able to save money on your electric and gas bills, which is always a plus.

Accessibility with Convenience

Casement windows are easier to keep clean on the outside because of how they open from the frame. This means you can make it part of your regular cleaning schedule without having to set aside time to go outside to clean them. An opportunity like this could be a fantastic time-saver.

The handle used to open them makes them ideal for those with physical impairments and the elderly. It prevents them from having to attempt pushing back or pulling up a stuck, heavy window.

Proper Control of Airflow

Indoor air quality is imperative to the health of you and your family. Casement windows offer the most optimum opportunity for ensuring adequate ventilation throughout your home.

Casement windows allow for more control of breezes and draftiness wafting in. If you’re looking to let in more air or reduce what blows in on a windy day, this style of window can give you the ultimate control.


Cons of Casement Windows

Like with anything, there’s always going to be some bummer minuses. Nothing is 100% without its disadvantages and casement windows do have them.

  • Airflow – Because they are specific to controlling incoming breezes in their design, you will get the most benefit from having them installed on the side most affected by wind. If the wind isn’t easily determined where you live, a casement window may hinder the wind from coming in altogether if set in an opposing location.
  • Sizing – Most casement windows aren’t offered in extremely large sizes and, therefore, there are limitations that could be disadvantageous to the purposes and design of your home.
  • Safety ; Security – When new, casement windows are indeed a great deterrent against criminals. But over time, they can rust and the opening mechanism breaks down, making them an easy target for those looking to break into your home.
  • Priciness – Casement windows will be available by any local window contractors or hardware centers but they can be pricey. They can range in price, so you’ll want to do some comparison shopping in your area to get a better idea for estimated prices.
    • This also means you can’t cheap out on purchasing them. Investing in a higher-quality casement window is advisable.

A Final Word About Casement Windows

There are many benefits of casement windows and choosing to put them in your new home or to replace the ones in an older home may be an excellent idea. But there are a few downfalls, so you’ll have to consider those as well.  Casement windows can be the best thing for your home while continuing time-honored traditions. 

The most important thing is to evaluate what your purpose is for having them and if you live in an area consistent with wind and airflow control. Then you want to ensure you have them installed in the right place to get the most out of having them.




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