A lot of homeowners have to decide between wooden windows and fiberglass windows. Each type of window has its own benefits. 

We will compare wooden and fiberglass replacement windows with a few other types of windows to help you make the right decision.


The five categories that I will use in this comparison of fiberglass and wooden windows will be:

  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Price
  • Historic District Acceptance 
  • Aesthetics
  • Material Quality


Hopefully, you can come to a decision after reading this article and begin to improve your home.


Energy Efficiency 

Both types of window materials contain great insulation properties. However, since fiberglass window frames are hollow, you can add some insulation foam to them to increase a window’s energy efficiency.  

As a wooden window degrades due to constantly expanding and contracting, its energy efficiency also declines since its seal will not stay airtight. To be able to compare windows accurately, you must look at the efficiency values for all types of replacement windows that you are thinking of acquiring.



The price of a window depends on a window’s brand. However, each type of replacement window costs about the same. Wooden windows end up costlier in both time and cash. They must be painted and maintained properly as well.

Likewise, many fiberglass replacement windows come with a lifetime warranty that protects homeowners from paying for repairs in the future. Plus, most wooden windows do not come with a long-lasting warranty because window experts know that the lifespan of a wooden window is merely twelve to fifteen years.


Historic District Acceptance 

If your house is located in a historic district, then you might not have a choice when it comes to selecting a window type that you are allowed to use for replacement windows. 

The majority of historic districts mandate the use of wooden replacement windows. Please ask your district’s board if there are guidelines that must be followed.



Property holders want their brand-new replacement windows to be physically appealing to those who take a look at their home. Wooden windows are a great choice if you like a totally organic look and feel to your house on the inside and the outside as well.

Fiberglass replacement windows can be made to look just like wood, but they will not have the same aesthetics as real wood. If keeping the unique character of your house is a vital thing, then I encourage you to think about using wooden windows to replace your current windows.


Material Quality 

Windows made of fiberglass are sturdier than those made of wood. The fiberglass replacement window’s strength comes from its frame and panes of glass acting together.  

Extreme temperatures can make a window expand or contract. A window made of fiberglass is not as likely to be negatively impacted by extreme temperatures. When a wooden window gets distorted by extreme temperatures, it tends to have problems with basic functions. For instance, it may have trouble completely sealing when you attempt to close it or it will be hard to open or shut.


A Decent Compromise For Fiberglass and Wooden Windows 

There is one way for you to have wood’s look and feel along with fiberglass’ benefits. A lot of window makers currently have fiberglass windows that have an interior trim made of wood.

Property holders are happily surprised to see the top quality look of a well-made fiberglass window that has an interior trim made of wood. This hybrid window type does not need the maintenance that completely wooden windows require.


Final Words

A smart homeowner will take into account the many different factors that go into the selection of a window type. They will choose the best possible window type even if it is expensive because they know that a home is an investment.

In other words, picking the right type of window could boost the price of your home by a significant amount which would be beneficial if you plan on selling your home any time soon.



Related Questions

Is it worth installing aluminium-wood windows instead of wooden windows? Aluminum clad windows typically require less maintenance and painting. Aluminum clad is likely to not need painting. Aluminum windows are a great option, but they can be pricy.


In an older home with wooden windows, is it better to replace or repair the wooden windows? Unless a home has historic value, replacing the windows with energy-efficient, double-pane or triple-pane windows is a smart choice. Wooden windows are usually single-pane. Also, if the wood frame and muntins of a window dry out and crack, then the whole frame would need to be rebuilt. As for the cost, it would be cheaper to buy and install new windows then repair wooden windows. Switching to a vinyl-frame, modern window is a cost-effective choice.