Marvin is one of the oldest window manufacturers in America and specializes in making elegant wood windows. 

So, how much do Marvin Windows cost?

 The price range for  Marvin windows is typically between $1000-$2000 per window. Keep in mind that this will vary by region and which series and custom options you choose for your home. This price also includes installation costs from a third-party contractor.

Marvin windows fall into the high price range, but keep in mind you are getting the highest-quality wood window on the market.


Marvin Window Product Lines & Pricing

Marvin offers 3 different series of windows, all of which have different pricing ranges due to their differences in materials and customization options.


Below is the average window cost associated with each series. We priced out a double-hung, with all standard options in each series


Essential Series – Average Price of $1000 – $1400 (Installed as Inserts) Marvin Essential Series

This series is Marvin’s all fiberglass line. It’s fiberglass on the inside and outside so this requires no maintenance since there is no wood anywhere.



Elevate Series -Average Price of $1200-1600 (Installed as Inserts) Marvin Elevate Windows

Next up is the Elevate Series. This line has a wooden interior and a fiberglass exterior. It is the next step up, so there is roughly a 15% price increase from the Essential line (it’s not a huge difference). 



Ultimate Series / Signature Series – Average Price of $1600 – $2000 (Installed as Inserts) Marvin Signature Ultimate

Finally, we have Marvin’s top-of-the-line, the Ultimate series, or also known as the Signature Series. This line has the most customization options when it comes to sizes, colors, finishes, and more. This series costs roughly 30% more if going with no custom options or finishes when compared to the Elevate series.

This window series features a wooden interior with an aluminum exterior.


Marvin Window Options that Affect Pricing

Besides the different window series mentioned above, the next thing that will play the biggest role in pricing is the options you choose.

Marvin has over 20 different options available when it comes to customizing your windows. 

Summary of Options that Affect Pricing:

  • Window size                           (30″ x 60″  vs.  40″ x 80″)
  • Window style                          (double-hung vs. casement vs. glider, etc)
  • Interior wood species            (pine, white oak, cherry, mahogany, etc)
  • Interior finish                          (bare wood, white, black, primed, etc)
  • Exterior Color                         (white, bronze, black, green, etc)
  • Glass Options                          (standard, tempered, frosted)
  • Energy Glass Package            (E2 vs. E3, etc)
  • Grille Pattern / Lites              (none, rectangular, prarie, etc)
  • Divided Lites                            (Simulated divided lites vs. grilles between glass)
  • Hardware finish                       (white, satin taupe, brass, satin chrome, etc)
  • Perimeter Bar Color                (stainless steel vs. black)

These are some of the most important options when it comes to your window customization. Keep in mind that not all are listed here, and your level of customization will be limited between which Marvin series you choose. If looking for the highest level of customization, we recommend looking at the Marvin Signature line.


The Options are Endless with Marvin

Marvin windows have a great deal of customization available. Take a look at this example below, taken directly from Marvin’s quoting software on a Signature Series Double Hung.



Your Installation Method will Affect Pricing

Another important note on pricing is that it will vary on which installation method you choose. When replacing windows on a home there are two types of installation methods available. 

Insert Style Replacement (Pocket Replacement)

On this style of replacement, the new window gets installed into the old window frame. This saves a great deal of cost because you keep all of your interior trim as existing. This is great choice if you have some very expensive trim inside of your home surrounding the windows. 

Full Frame Replacement

This method of window replacement is the ideal way to get new windows installed however it is more expensive (roughly around $250 more per window).

In this style of replacement, the old window frame gets completely removed, along with the casing trim on the interior of the windows. This means that the new window will be installed from stud to stud as opposed to inside of the old window frame. Using this method, you are able to get a little bit more of a larger glass space, which is something that you may not be aware of. Also, you get new casing trim on the interior, which may be a plus if yours is old and worn out.


Styles of Windows Affects Pricing

Each window style has a different pricing point as well. Here is a summary of the different types.

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Glider
  • Architectural (arch, trapezoid, specialty shapes)

The Tilt Pac window also comes in two different styles, including the single-hung and double-hung windows.

Type of Glass

The types of glass used in windows have a wide range as well. Customers have insulating glass options that have two varieties, including dual pane and triple pane.

There are different glass coatings options that you can choose from, including the Low E1, Low E2, Low E3, and Low ERS. Moreover, there are options for decorative glass and a specialty glass options range. The prices for each varies.

Window Size

With regards to size, Marvin offers custom-sized windows which can come in any shape and size according to the needs of the customers. However, prices will depend on the shape and size you choose as these two dictate the amount and type of material to be used.

Final Words

Marvin windows are the best option for the mid to high price range. There are different varieties of series available which you can choose from according to your environment and needs.

Additionally, you have several frames and styles available for your choice, which can also be customized. They come in a variety of sizes, so no matter where you need to install them, you will find the perfect size for it.


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