Are you wondering if triple pane windows actually reduce noise? Are you considering buying triple pane windows, but want to know if they are actually worth buying? 

Today we cover this topic in detail. Here is the short answer.

Triple pane windows certainly can reduce noise, but they do not have a significant improvement over dual pane windows. The majority of the same benefits that soundproofed, laminated windows provide.

Unless you reside in a really noisy place such as a place that is near an airport or train station, then double pane windows will be sufficient.


Below, I will go through multiple questions regarding the triple pane windows as well as related noise reduction topics.


What You Need to Know Before Getting Triple Pane WindowsWindow noise infographic

When it comes to soundproof windows, you need to understand that low-frequency sounds, such as the annoying bass of a nearby car’s music or typical thunder, are more difficult to block out than high-frequency sounds, such as a baby’s cry or the chirping of a bird.

Each type and brand of soundproof windows have an industry rating reflecting their ability to block out the noise. A higher number on the sound transmission class scale, or STC, represents a higher quality soundproof window.

Although triple pane windows are in a higher class category than double pane glass, it is not always worth it to upgrade if you already have double pane glass. The noise reduction might be minimal.

However, if you still have single pane windows, it may be worth the upgrade, since you can also get better energy efficiency.


Are Triple Pane Windows Worth Buying?

Some types of soundproof windows are constructed using triple glass panes. Many people argue if it is better to buy triple panes instead of double pane windows.

It’s quite common for window replacement companies to tell people that triple pane windows will diminish the noise that comes into the house. Actually, swapping double panes for triple pane windows do not have that much impact on the noise level, and using laminated glass would really do a better job.

Acoustical tests done by FacilitiesNet showed that triple pane windows are not much better than insulated, double pane windows.


What is the Price of Triple Pane Versus Double Pane Glass?

Usually, when you start talking about triple pane windows, people instantly jump in and say they do not need it. That is usually because they have been quoted a very high price for triple pane windows. So, they think all triple pane window replacement costs are way too high.

When you price out any product such as replacement windows, you have to figure in a lot of factors. However, the difference in cost should not be too high.

If top vinyl replacement double pane windows are going to cost you about $450 with installation, then it may cost about $100-$150 more to upgrade to triple pane windows.


Do Triple Pane Windows Help Save Energy?

Triple pane windows are certainly more energy efficient than double pane windows. However, it is vital to compare all the various ratings for windows to get the real picture. These ratings include SHGC, visible transmission, and U-factor value.

Triple pane windows normally have a U-factors that’s around 20 to 30 percent more over similar double pane windows. You have to admit that is quite a big improvement.

Plus, the triple pane glass normally has two low covered surfaces, which provides for a higher SHGC rating. That type of coating provides a visible transmission level that is lower, which means it normally causes a room to be darker than if the house had double pane windows.

Triple pane windows prevent more heat loss than double pane windows. Moreover, triple pane windows on average will save merely about a buck on your heating costs every year. Therefore, double pane windows are the most sensible pick for the majority of homeowners.


How Else Can You Block Out Excessive Noise? Man can't sleep due to noise

Soundproof glass windows are not very helpful if there are gaps in the window or a crack in between a seal. You need the windows to be installed airtight. Plus, you need proper weather stripping because that will produce a good barrier that blocks out undesired noise.

Also, if you use foam filled, insulated frames made of vinyl, then it is important to know that these will keep out outdoor noise. Plus, they will as assist in soundproofing the window frames. You should also seek out the kind of windows that have window spacer systems that are not made of metal.

In other words, window space is the part that divides the two panes. If it is not made of metal, then that part is constructed using silicone rubber with sealant covering it. So, that is why it insulates better than a metal component.

Basically, whatever you do that seals and insulates your house more efficiently will help you to block out excess noise more effectively. Therefore, an added bonus is that if a house is soundproofed, it will also be more energy efficient and you will have less costly utility rates.

That is an excellent reason to ensure you choose someone who is reliable when you are looking for a window installer.


Which Soundproof Windows are the Best Option for Blocking Out Excessive Noise?

Each window manufacturer offers their own brand of triple pane windows which can be used to improve noise reduction.

If you are looking for windows that are specific for noise reduction, look for windows that have an SSP glazing (Sound, Security and Performance glazing). This glazing is thicker and can be tempered.


Final Words

As stated earlier, the total volume of space in between glass panes acts as a way to keep out superfluous noise. If you understand that fact, it is simple to come to the conclusion that triple pane windows provide improved sound protection over double pane windows. Plus, they are less costly than windows that are laminated.

However, that is not the way that many experts think. Actually, research shows triple pane windows do not provide a lot of additional noise reduction when compared to standard double pane windows.

Triple pane glass is certainly more energy efficient, however. They will not save you very much since they are not very different than double pane windows. This is why most people choose double pane windows over triple pane windows.


Related Questions

  • Do triple pane windows fail more?

Similarly, some people believe triple pane windows fail more because they are heavier, and that they are equipped with two air chambers. However, that just comes from pushy salespeople or old, outdated information. The newer triple pane windows made nowadays are protected by a good warranty that protects the owners from all future issues.


  • Are triple pane windows heavier than double pane windows?

Of course, triple pane glass weighs more, but that should not be a big concern.No matter the weight of window glass, it still should go up and down with ease. If your replacement windows do not go up and down easily, then it is likely because they do not fit properly, or the balance mechanism does not work right. Also, it could be because there is another problem that prevents their motion. Neither the sash nor the glass weight should be causing any issues relating to this problem.