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When you take a hot shower, the mirrors and other glass gets all foggy. You’d expect that in your bathroom, but what about the rest of the house? Not so much. Yet each time it rains or gets humid, your windows get a thick, wet layer of condensation. You try to wipe this off with a cloth until you realize it’s not the outer layers of the glass, but what’s between them. Most of the time, this tends to go away on its own, but it has you a little worried. Where does this condensation come from and how can you get rid of it?

Condensation can occur with all sorts of windows, including double-pane and even triple-pane. As the weather changes or the temperature in your home goes up or down, your windows react. They’ll either contract or expand to accommodate for these temperature differences. If this happens often enough, the window seal that keeps the glass panels in place will weaken. With time, it will fail entirely. This means that each time it rains or gets humid, the condensation develops on and between your windows. Not only does this condensation make for an awful eyesore, but it’s no good for your home’s energy efficiency, either. The thermal performance of windows with condensation decreases. Your home no longer stays as comfortable. In the end, that costs you more money on your energy bills each month.

If window condensation has got you down, consider a window replacement for your Deerfield home from Royalty Windows. We have more than two decades of experience working with customers like you to install appealing, energy-efficient windows. We stock products from Marvin, Andersen, and other top-notch window brands. With the level of craftsmanship and high quality of these windows, you don’t need to worry about seal breakage and condensation. In fact, all the windows we install have high ratings from Energy Star. That translates to greater savings for you and more money in your pocket.

Window Installation in Deerfield Illinois

The suburb and village of Deerfield, Illinois in Cook and Lake Counties sits a decent distance from Chicago (25 miles). It still has plenty of hustle and bustle, though. As of 2010, about 18,225 people live here. Many companies call this suburb the home of its business headquarters as well. These include Mondelez International, Consumers Digest, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Fortune Brands Home & Security, APAC Customer Services, Caterpillar Inc., Business Technology Partners, Baxter Healthcare, and Walgreens.

With its business hub, it should come as no surprise that most residents here earn a lot of money. That makes this area much richer than some other parts of Chicago. Households make $143,729 as a median. The village itself brings in $68,101 in per capita income.

Like many other parts of Chicago, residents skew younger (18 and under) and then older (25 to 64). That younger population includes 30.6 percent of residents. Then young adults 18 to 24 comprise only 3.7 percent of the population. In the 25 to 44 camp, the population gets larger at 26.8 percent. As mentioned, residents 45 through 64 also contribute to a good chunk of the population at 26 percent. Then there’s seniors 65 and older, of which there’s 13 percent in this village.

Deerfield has a very detailed history. The Potawatomi Native Americans claimed the land first in the earlier 1800s before Jacob B. Cadwell and Horace Lamb took over. Lyman Wilmot let those escaping the Underground Railroad stay here during the 1850s. Also, the historic village by Kipling Elementary School has existed for generations. Some of the houses have been around since 1837.


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If you’re spending a day or longer in this village, you don’t want to miss the following places.

You’re going to get hungry on your travels. May we recommend Cadwell’s Grille on Lake Cook Road? This highly-rated restaurant is known for its steaks, wings, cheeseburgers, and prime rib. While you can always sink your teeth into some meat, Cadwell’s has a more varied menu than that. You’ll also enjoy a slew of salads, several sandwiches, and entrees like grilled salmon and smoked chicken. There’s even pasta!

We hope you saved some room for dessert, as Cadwell’s has quite an extensive menu. You can finish your meal with authentic tiramisu, a gluten-free flourless chocolate torte, creamy four-layer carrot cake, Chicago cheesecake, or a tasty salted caramel gelato.

Don’t skip the Deerfield Historic Village, either. In one afternoon, you can fill yourself in on the rich history of this village, some of which we talked about above. With exhibits on the Little Red School House, the Ott Family Home, and so much more, you’ll get a lot of history for your trip.