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Upgrade to New Windows in Elk Grove Village

It feels so wonderful to let in some sunlight from your windows, but have you ever stopped to think about what the sun can really do? Probably not, at least until you realize your once-beautiful, vibrant couch has now lost its color. Even your carpeting looks a little less bright. What happened here? Sun fading has occurred. Just like you shouldn’t expose your skin to too many UV rays, you should keep your furniture and other household objects away from constant direct sunlight as well. Even in cloudy weather, UV rays can still permeate into your home, slowly eroding the quality of your décor. All along, your windows are at fault.

If you have old windows in your Elk Grove Village home, it’s like going to the beach without sunscreen. You have no protection at all from the sun and its damaging UV rays. This leaves you with a faded interior. Getting a window replacement then is like putting on sunscreen and going out to enjoy the day. You know you’re safe. That’s because today’s windows have low emissivity, also known as Low-E. Not only do Low-E windows retain heat exceptionally well, but they prevent sunlight from fading your furniture. They do this with a light coating. There’s soft-coat or solar control coatings, which undergo a process known as Magnetron Sputtering Vapor Deposition or MSVD before receiving lamination. Then there’s hard-coat or passive coatings. These add a pyrolytic coating to the windows during the manufacturing process so they can bond to the glass.

If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows that reduce sun fading, come to us at Friendly Windows. We have helped many a Chicagoland resident beautify their home while saving money on their energy bills. We carry Marvin windows, well-known for their products that blockade UV rays, as well as many other high-end brands. Our history of more than 20 years of service has made us a mainstay in the city, as has our superior craftsmanship and dedication to our customers. Since we offer free quotes and a five-star service guarantee, why not give Friendly Windows a try for your window replacement project?

Window Installation in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Elk Grove Village, Illinois is conveniently located in Chicago, as it’s right near O’Hare International Airport. Travelers constantly pass in and out, but this village has about 33,127 permanent residents according to 2010 data. It’s also home to a significant business park that’s 5.4 square miles. This park houses more than 3,600 companies.

As such a prosperous area, families earn $71,834 as a median and households $62,132. The village as a whole makes $28,515 as per capita income. Very few live under the poverty line, just two percent.

The population breaks down like this: those 18 and younger comprise 24.9 percent, residents 18 through 24 add 7.4 percent, and those in the 25 to 44 camp contribute 31.8 percent. Those 45 to 64 boost the population here by 24.2 percent, while seniors older than 65 include 11.8 percent of residents.

Many well-known people were born in the Elk Grove Village area or have called it home. These include soccer star Katie Naughton, TV actor John Loprieno, author Dave Cullen, and musician Billy Corgan.

Window Replacement Company in Elk Grove Village

If you’re thinking of visiting this influential Chicago village, here’s some cool places to add to your itinerary.

The Elk Grove Village Public Library on Wellington Avenue has very high marks on TripAdvisor. Not only can you find it in the heart of this village, but it’s got a modern design with many amenities residents and tourists find useful. For instance, once tax season arrives, you can pick up instruction booklets so you can read up and get the biggest tax refund possible.

Do you have children who’d find tax time totally boring? No problem. At the library, there’s a dedicated kid zone that has entertainment programs, education incentives, book offers, computer games, and toys. They’ll quietly spend an afternoon in a great place!

We also recommend the Busse Forest Elk Pasture on East Higgins Road and Arlington Heights Road. Open almost 24 hours during weekdays, this pasture has the village’s namesake all over the place. We’re talking about elk, of course!

When the Christmas season comes around, you might want to take the kids. Here, they can see real live reindeer. That should keep them believing in holiday magic. Otherwise, for the rest of the year, you might spot other interesting wildlife in addition to the elk.