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Windows in Highland ParkHighland Park Window Replacement Company

Everyone values peace and quiet, but even with your windows closed, you can still hear street noise from outside. This makes it difficult to unwind and relax at the end of a long day in your Highland Park home.

At night, you toss and turn, the sounds of traffic and other noises disrupting your slumber. Before you consider soundproofing your home, look to the real culprit: your windows. Indeed, if your windows are too old, they’ll fail to adequately protect you from outside noises.

That’s one reason of many you might consider a window replacement in Highland Park. As it turns out, you get more than just unwanted outside noises with drafty, old windows. Those seals and gaps that let the noise in also let air get in your house. This could be the reason why your home always feels too cold in the winter and overly hot in the summer.

Hire a Local Pro

At Royalty Windows, we can work with you to install replacement windows you’ll love. We’re based in Chicagoland and have more than two decades of winning service for residents in the area. Chicagoans count on us when they need new windows as well as home remodeling and roofing services.

Speaking of our windows, we carry top-of-the-line products, such as Marvin, vinyl windows, and Anderson Fibrex windows. The timeless appeal of wooden Marvin windows has won over many customers.  Learn more about the advantages of wood windows here.

Also, our vinyl windows boast great heat retention thanks to the hollow chambers within them. On the contrary, our Anderson Fibrex windows are two times stronger than most windows, preventing them from peeling, blistering, flaking, and fading with time.

Our Quotes Are FreeHighland Park Train Station

If you’re ready to learn more, why not contact us at Royalty Windows for a consultation? These are always free. Once you choose your replacement windows, our team will come out, steadfastly take out the old windows, and get the new ones up as soon as possible. The results of your  Highland Park window replacement project will amaze you.

You won’t hear any more street noise, either by day or at night. You can finally relax and get a good night’s sleep again. Even better, your windows will have airtight seals that don’t let outside air in your home. With superior energy efficiency and high Energy Star ratings, you’ll even save money on your monthly energy bills. All this from getting new windows installed!

About Highland Park Highland Park Mayor

Highland Park, Illinois is in Lake County, not too far from the downtown Chicago area (roughly 25 miles). As part of the Chicago metropolitan’s North Shore, the city has 29,641 residents according to 2016 data.

City household income is $100,967 as a median. Per family, the income sits at $317,235. While the city has its reputation for being richer, some families do live in poverty or even under the poverty line.

The age group with the least residents are those in the 18 to 24 camp, with just 4.6 percent. Otherwise, it’s a pretty even split. Kids 18 and younger add 27 percent to the population. Residents 25 to 44 years old contribute 25.5 percent and those in the 45-to-64 group comprise 27.8 percent of the population. The numbers dip off again for seniors 65 and up, as they’re just 15.1 percent of city residents.

Like some other Chicago cities and villages, Highland Park has a diverse population. This includes 7.28 percent of Latinos and Hispanics, 0.03 percent of Pacific Islanders, 0.18 percent of Native Americans, and 2.9 percent of Asians.

Highland Park has appeared in many movies and TV shows, including Home Alone, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and television program The Good Wife.


Highland Park Attractions and Entertainment

Are you visiting the city and you want something fun to do? Look no further than these attractions and entertainment options.

If you’re feeling summery, spend a day at Rosewood Beach. This gorgeous family beach recently underwent some major renovations, so all accommodations are relatively new. A pet-free beach, you can lounge around, sunbathe, splash in the waves, watch nature, and even grab a snack or two to beat the heat.

Also, you do not want to miss the Ravinia Festival. The name comes from a nearby village that got annexed before the 1900s. Today, thousands of people gather to the open-air pavilion that hosts the summer festival. There, they can enjoy live jazz, pop, and classic music all summer long.

The Ravinia Festival has the special distinction of being the first of its kind, as no other United States outdoor music festival has run for so long. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays all the time here, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

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