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  • We have completed over 100, Lake Zurich Window Replacement projects
  • We are a family owned company that believes in integrity
  • We treat you like a King at all times with our 5 star service guarantee
  • We never use sales tactics or pressure to sell our products
  • Average 4.9 rating on many review sites, including Google and Yelp

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Upgrade to New Windows in Lake Zurich

Having windows in two different styles admittedly bothers you. You can’t help but feel that the mismatched windows detract from the look of your whole home. They were already like this when you moved in, but now you think it’s time to make a change. If you’re considering window replacement for your Lake Zurich home, you can count on us at Royalty Windows. We’re a family-owned window replacement business that has a history of more than 20 years of service in Chicagoland. No matter the current state of your windows, we’re sure we can help you find great new ones you’ll love showing off to your family and friends. From project planning to installation and cleanup, we take care of it all.

If it’s been a decade or more since you got new windows, then wait until you see the features of more modern windows. For instance, all the windows we carry at Royalty Windows boast great energy efficiency. With their high ratings from Energy Star, these windows retain heat better, keeping your hands off the thermostat all the time. You’ll also enjoy greater savings on your energy bill from month to month. Not only that, but our windows look amazing, too. With your window replacement from Royalty Windows, you’ll boost the curb appeal of your home. Should you ever want to sell, you can probably nudge up the asking price that much higher because you took the time to get new windows put in.

If you want quality windows that will last, we think you’d like our vinyl windows. The ones we carry at Royalty Windows come from Alside and OKNA and have twice the strength of most other vinyl. They require very little maintenance, as there’s never any need to paint or re-stain them. If you want even stronger windows, you don’t want to miss our Andersen windows. One line of windows from the brand, the Andersen 100 Series Fibrex windows, have even greater strength than vinyl. They never corrode, pit, or crack. You also don’t have to worry about blistering, rusting, or flaking. Your windows will look brand new for years!

Window Installation in Lake Zurich, Illinois

A Lake County village, Lake Zurich, Illinois has 19,631 residents per 2010 data. The nearby lake that inspired the name remains a point of interest. The village has earned itself many accolades for those looking to settle in here. For instance, U.S. News, Frommer’s, and all called it a great place to move to.

Families bring in $108,108 as a median income. Per household, the median income hovers at $101,872 per information from 2007. The village makes a per capita income of $30,287. Lots of children grow up here, as those 18 and younger include a whopping 34.1 percent of the village population. Those 18 to 24 add only five percent to the population. Another age group that comprises a considerable chunk of residents is those 25 to 44, of which there’s 34.1 percent. In the 45 to 64 age group, there’s 21 percent of residents and 5.9 percent of seniors 65 and up.

Lots of people know about this village, even if they’ve never visited. That’s because in the major movie hit Gravity, Sandra Bullock mentions Lake Zurich by name.


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You’ve come to visit this Chicago suburb by the water. What can you do while you’re there? We’re glad you asked.

Henry J. Paulus Park on South Sand Road remains a village staple. Right at the entrance, you can see a water tower in old-timey font labeled Lake Zurich. With many walking paths, you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around you. There’s also a large playground for children that was recently remodeled. A splash pad and a beach will keep kids and families alike entertained and cool all summer. We do want to note that the park may charge you to use the beach and spray park. Otherwise, it’s free to visit the park.

For more adult entertainment, there’s the Copper Fiddle Distillery on West II Route 22. TripAdvisor says visiting the distillery is one of the top activities to do in the village. Copper Fiddle makes its own whiskey, so don’t go in expecting a beer or wine tour. 

During your visit, you can see how the staff make their unique brand of whiskey. Then, at the bar, you can order a slew of cocktails or even sip some of that fine whiskey yourself. On weekends, there’s even live music, so make sure you plan your visit then!