Windows Knowledge

Windows are overlooked in many households and are usually not repaired or maintained. Taking care of your windows helps retain their look, prevent decay and keep their value

Many people have to eventually replace their windows because they either want better sound-proofing, or fear lead paint poisoning due to the presence of children in their house, or even if they need more energy efficiency and easy cleaning for a new set of the casement.

The best thing you can do to keep window troubles away is to keep proper window maintenance on your windows in such ways so that you can get the most use out of them.

Air penetration is the biggest concern with windows today. Vinyl windows, by their nature, have to weep holes in their bottom railing to let the moisture ooze out which allows enormous air infiltration. Also, restored windows have another 100-year economic life before the next repair you gave them.

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Installation Is Key

First get your windows checked . Hire a window installation expert to examine your windows to let you know if any repair or window maintenance is needed. An expert may even help you with window maintaining tips.  To maintain a better life out of your windows, they should be washed frequently to reflect an enhanced look out of them.

Use a window-washing squeegee with a soft rubber edge attached. First, start with a dry tool to take off any dust particles, you don’t want wet particles to stick on your window and take ages to remove them! Start from the top or side of each window to avoid lines. Avoid washing windows in direct sunlight, because it will quickly dry up the glass and is more vulnerable to streaking. A newspaper can also come in handy if you do not want to buy a tool.

Piled dust on windows can leave a bad dirty color and look which will be hard to take off later in time. Use an antiseptic spray to keep heaps of dust from piling up quickly. Clean the blinds with a damp cloth and spray right after. For the frame, you can use a cloth every day to prevent dust from collecting on edges or curved shapes.

Do not let cracks or broken panes sit. Examine rubber seals from time to time. Rubber seals have a low shelf life. They are used to hold the window’s glass. These seals break and get worse as they age and require replacement. If overlooked, it can cost you a glass breakage. Inspect them and have seals replaced by professionals as needed.

You can screen your window to let the outside air come into your home causing dust from piling up and helps to keep the bugs out. Screens pick up dirt and grit from the outside air and can be easily cleaned and look new in no time.  You can either use water-based exterior coatings. They have proved to be durable, environment-friendly and UV-resistant. They work best on vinyl windows.


Caulk Your Windows

Caulking around your windows is one way to stop air infiltration (which also slightly helps with energy efficiency). It works as a watertight seal around the frame that prevents water that flows from the valve and showers from seeping into cracks.

Rainwater, snow or moisture can be absorbed into your home if your window caulking is cracked or old. Caulking windows can even provide a seal against small insects such as wood-eating ticks and can create a more professional looking appearance.

Windows with vinyl frames are very easy to clean, which makes them an ideal replacement window for anyone that is looking for a window maintenance-free solution.

To clean vinyl windows, you can use equal parts of vinegar and water mixture to wipe down the frames.  Or if you do not have vinegar, you can use a glass-cleaner product to brighten up your vinyl windows

Avoid using any bleach or acetone to clean vinyl as these can stain or damage the vinyl frame.    This is so because pressure can cause the seal of your vinyl to break and water will enter the structure. Avoid excessive rubbing and over-cleaning as it can damage the polish or paint. Same goes for metal tools, razor blades or other sharp objects.

This can damage window surfaces, scratch glass and remove exterior glass coatings.


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