The Royalty Difference

At Royalty Windows, we don’t use fake prices or inflated discounts. Our sales representatives will not pressure you into buying.

We truly believe in an honest and natural sales approach, backed up with first-class products and installation.

Many window replacement contractors apply a sky-high inflated price total, and then offer multiple discounts until a client signs a contract.

Here at Royalty Windows, we skip all the hassle and provide just pure honest pricing.

The Psychology Of Discounts

We were interested to learn why so many companies were using manipulative sales tactics to sell their products rather than just being honest and upfront.

What we found was astonishing.

After some research into the psychology of it, we found that the Pleasure Principle attracts people to pleasure rather than pain.

Most of the time these companies give out time-limited discounts.

So, if people do not buy the product now at the discounted price, then they are most likely going to miss out on saving some money.

Be wary of this effective sales tactic.

When A ‘Discount’ Isn’t Really A Discount At All

In the window replacement industry, fake discounts go even further. Unsuspecting homeowners are tricked into paying full price for a product or service they have been led to believe is heavily discounted.

Ed and John Smith made this sales tactic famous in the 1930s, using their clothing store for the scam.

Whenever new customers would enter their store, Ed would pretend to have hearing problems.

When a customer found a piece of clothing that they liked, Ed would yell to John, “Hi John, how much for this piece of clothing?”

“For that one, $46,” John would reply.

Ed, playing up to his hearing ‘disability’, would then turn around to the customer and say: ‘He said it’s $26’.

Then the customer would quickly purchase the suit and rush out of the store, thinking they got an amazing discount. Little did they know they had actually paid full price and fallen victim to the discount scam.

In that scenario, the customer only bought the item because they saw a high price and thus assumed it was of great quality.

This assumption paired with the great discount made it very unlikely for the customer to shop around.

Seeing the high ‘original’ price makes it seem like the product is of better quality. Then the big discount makes the buyer less likely to shop around because they perceive an increase in the value of the goods sold at this reduced price.

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Royalty Windows was established with the purpose of giving the best quality window installation service to homeowners.

We have served the greater Chicago region and suburbs for over 23 years!

We have an easy sales approach that does not pressure you into buying. We believe that integrity is the only way to do business.

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