Watch Out for These Manipulative Sales Tactics that Window Replacement Companies may be using:

High-Pressure Sales 

Emotional manipulative salespeople frequently rely on emotional manipulation to make consumers buy a product. A sales representative for a work-at-home company, for example, may ask you to make a list of the ways working from home could change your life. This would encourage you to become emotionally interested in working at home. You would be vulnerable to a pitch about buying into a company’s start-up kit. Salespeople can also rely on your emotional cues. For example, if you seem anxious, then the salesperson might focus on how a product provides security or safety.

Buy 3 Windows, Get 1 Free

This trick is used by salespeople to make you think you are getting a really good deal when, in reality, the free window(s) are already built into the total price. They will start off with inflated prices, and the so-called free window is meant to seal the deal with the customer.

Sign Today and Get 40% Off

Salespeople might also tell you that a discount will only be around for a limited time only. Scarcity tactics work well on people who do know that there are actually many different window replacement companies to choose from. If someone believes that there are only four items available, then they will see them as more valuable. This will increase their likelihood of buying from a salesperson.

Wife/Husband Must Be Present for Consultation 

Salespeople will use this tactic to if the wife or husband does not want to sign on the spot. Window salespeople know if they meet with the husband alone, then he is likely to want to talk it over with his wife. The wife will likely say something similar about the husband. Once one of these things happen, there is not much the company can do to close the deal. This is why they want to meet the wife and husband at the same time.


Although this tactic is usually not used in window sales, it is worth mentioning. The majority of people feel obligated to give something to someone after they give us a present or even a compliment. Reciprocity-based sales tactics rely on this human instinct. A salesperson may give you a free sample, or drink or something along these lines. This strategy makes consumers’ willingness to listen to a sales pitch increase. This makes them more likely to buy from a salesperson out of guilt. Bonus add-ons and free gifts can also play on a consumers’ desire for reciprocal giving.


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