Windows and Home Value

Properly installed new windows will add value to your home by:

  • Improving your home’s curbside appeal with a fresh look
  • Give improved insulation, Saving money on heating/cooling
  • Give controlled ventilation
  • Increase sound protection from external noise
  • Make cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Bring more light into your home
  • Boost the security of your home due to multipoint locks


Any homeowner understands just how important it is to get a good return on investment when taking up a home improvement project. This is especially true if you are planning to put the property on the market at any time in the future.

While replacing aged windows is sometimes a necessity, is it the right thing to do, and does it enhance your home’s resale value? And if it does, how can you make the most out of such an opportunity?

In this article, we consider the benefits of installing new double paned windows and the resulting implication on the value of your property. We will also tell you how to make the best decisions when you decide to acquire new replacement windows.

If you’ve made the decision to sell your home either in the short term or in a few years to come, you can bet that replacing the old looking windows will make your home stand out in a crowded market.

Not only will this improve the outlook of your property but also go a long way to improving curbside appeal which most agents would agree will boost the salability of your home and most likely the value of your home.

Remember that apart from looking for homes that are move-in ready, many prospective buyers want an updated home with newer features.

Getting your windows replaced with the right window replacement contractor will definitely enhance your property’s marketability.

Let us look at some points in more detail:

Boost the value of your home

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Replacement windows tend to greatly improve the general appearance of your property. Normally, freshly fitted windows have a cleaner glass with no stains, paint or watermarks. No more having to worry about those ugly storm windows when guests drop by to say hi!

When it comes to a new look for windows, the outer framing can be covered with an aluminum coil that matches the color required by the buyer on the windows.

Aesthetically speaking, these windows also come in an array of fine colors. You even have the luxury of requesting color customization to blend the windows into the general home décor, enabling you to add a touch of interior design creativity.

Keep in mind that home buyers are looking to buy a complete house that is ready to move in to avoid the hassle of hiring contractors to handle the finishing touches.


Improves Home Functionality

Depending on the quality and age of the windows in your property, it is possible that you may be having difficulties opening or closing your windows. This can prove to be a real pain in the neck when you want to clean them. With replacement windows, this will not be a problem anymore.

The old track systems are replaced by more easy-to-use options for effortless opening, not to mention the effortless use of latches that secure the windows when closed or opened. All these features promise to simplify the operation of your windows and generally improve your ease of life.


Makes your Home Energy Efficient

If your home’s heating bill is taking a toll on your monthly check, I advise that you get double glazed replacement windows. This is because new windows have a better thermal U-factor value compared to traditional glazed windows.

The old designs tend to allow a great deal of heat to escape during winter and enter during summer as a result of a weak design and poor quality of materials used.

It is estimated that a whopping 25% more warmth is allowed to escape by old windows than replacement windows. Unlike them, double glazed windows will assist you in maintaining a desired internal temperature without having to constantly adjust your HVAC system.

This will make your home more energy efficient and greatly cut down your energy bills.

Modern replacement windows are made using good quality glass that allows sufficient natural light during the day, making your interior space brighter and more pleasant. No need to continue turning the lights on during the day because of insufficient illumination inside your home.


New Windows Can Help with Soundproofing the House

The style and type of glazed windows can help ensure that less sound gets to penetrate from the outside to inside improving your peace and quiet inside your own home.

Any form of noise pollution can be reduced.

Surely this will help if there is some ongoing construction project across the road from your property, or your neighbors are having a party.

New triple pane windows will give you an easy time to focus inside your home office or enjoy a calm siesta in the afternoon, free of any troublesome noises from outside.


Boosts Security

Double glazed windows also serve to boost the security of your home. Remember that thieves and intruders thrive of poorly secured homes with easy access points such as the traditional single-paned windows. Replacement windows are made of two panes made of strong and high impact resistant glass that won’t easily break.

This is reinforced by an advanced multi-point locking systems that can’t be routinely penetrated. All these security features ensure that your household is fully guarded when everybody is asleep or when the house is left unoccupied.


Improves Insulation

The design of double glazed windows comprises two glass panes that are spaced a few millimeters apart. A thin layer of air or special gas is blown into the existing vacuum between the panes to keep away moisture before being sealed.

This trapped air acts as a great insulating barrier that regulates the temperature of your home’s interior. Hot weather remains outside during the summers whereas cold weather is restricted to the outside during the winters.

NB: This insulation is only possible if the space between the two window panes is completely moisture free. That’s why a special form of drying agent is applied when these windows are being produced.


New Windows Make “Green Homes”

Installing double glazed windows makes sure that your home becomes more environmentally friendly. According to statistics, the electricity and gas usage in a household accounts for more than a quarter of the general carbon emissions.

This can be significantly reduced using the latest technology applied in the design of these replacement windows. You will be able to mitigate the undesirable effects of carbon emissions and play the noble role of caring for our planet.


New Windows Protect Furniture and Upholstery

The surface of window panes in these double glazed designs is treated to keep off harmful UV rays. These rays tend to damage furniture, carpets, and any type of upholstery inside the house when allowed into the house. Double glazed windows will ensure that the furnishings last you a lifetime and save you the cost of having to replace them due to color discoloration.


Low Window-Maintenance

Compared to the traditional design of windows, double glazed options require fewer maintenance activities. The windows are made of high-quality glass that is high impact resistance and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The frames are therefore less likely to warp, break, or develop mold. Not even termites stand a chance with some designs. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about constant fixes or replacements, keeping your maintenance costs at a minimum.


Variety of Designs

You’ll be glad to know that new windows single and double glazed come in a range of stylish designs that will make a great addition to your property.

Whether you are considering a wood, vinyl, or composite framework for your windows, there’s always a perfect option for you.

There are also many more modern styles that will give your home a contemporary feel or a conservative style for a more rustic touch. Depending on your taste and preferences, rest assured there is a new single or double glazed window for all types of people.


Related Questions

How Can I find the Best Design for My Double Glazed Windows?

Finding the right double glazed window design can prove to be a daunting task. Given the numerous styles that are available in the market, there are a number of factors you need to consider when shopping to help you end up with the ideal windows for your home. If you are planning to have new replacement windows fitted into your house, I suggest you take the following into account:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Color
  • Frame material- aluminum, vinyl, metal, fiberglass, or wood



Clearly, there are numerous benefits from curb appeal to increased security that new double glazed windows can offer. For one they can help to boost your property’s general appeal.

Hire the right window contractor, and you surely will see your home’s potential value increase!