Double hung windows are the most common window in the nation.

They can be made from many materials including vinyl, wood, and fiberglass.

Our company, Royalty Windows, offers double hung windows from Andersen, Marvin, and in vinyl.

The double hung is the easiest window to open for ventilation. Simply unlock the joined sashes, and pull the window up.

One great feature of the double hung window is that both sashes in the window are operable up and down, and can be removed. The main benefit that people get from this is that the window can be easily cleaned.

If you press the tabs on the sash together inward, you can tilt the window outward for easy cleaning.
This also means that you are able to safely install A/C units within the double hung.

All of these windows are equipped with some type of weather stripping system. This prevents unwanted heat from escaping your home as well as cold air entering your home.

High-quality double hung windows will minimize most air leaks by using many seal points.

Because double hung windows are the most popular, they have the most options available to them. They are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. They usually come with full exterior screens.

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