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The Lincoln Park Buying Guide: Marvin Windows Edition

A lot of the Lincoln Park homeowners we talk to have questions when it comes to their windows.

What style of windows they should choose.

What brand they should choose.

What type of warranty they should be looking for.

And we get it: as homeowners ourselves, we want to protect our investment and get the best value—and longevity—we can from our windows.

To do that, we need to look at a few factors:

  1. The brand—how reliable is the company?
  2. The products—how energy efficiency, resilient, and customizable are they?
  3. The cost—how much value will you get from this investment?

So with these factors in mind, we decided to start our Lincoln Park Buying Guide with one of the window manufacturing industry’s biggest players: Marvin Windows. We’ll answer your window questions and give you a clear idea of what you can expect from a company that’s been serving the home renovation crowd for over a century.

If the time has come for you to invest in your windows, we’ve got everything you need to know about getting the best from the Marvin brand.

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Part I. The Brand: Who is Marvin?

When the company was founded in 1912, it was a family-owned and operated lumber business. It made the decision to move from lumber to home renovations—a move that saw them become the manufacturers of over 150,000 styles of doors and windows.
To this day, Marvin Windows is still family-run—by CEO Paul Marvin.

Why would you buy Marvin Windows in Lincoln Park?

With a century of experience and professional connections within the home renovation industry, the Marvin brand is recognized for quality materials, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. They’ve built trust and maintained their reputation with builders and homeowners because they:

• Use sustainable, ethically sourced wood in all their wood lines
• Offer comprehensive warranties across their product lines
• Are the developers behind Ultrex Fiberglass—consistently ranked one of the most durable window materials on the market
• Offer extensive customization on their products—from styles to finishes, your final product won’t require after-market painting or structural work
• Are the developers behind Everwood—a window material with the look and feel of real wood and the total resilience against fading, buckling, or warping.
• Exceed all industry manufacturing standards
• Invest in in-depth training for their service and quality control teams
Part II. The Products
Energy Efficiency
In an era where our energy bill can be one of our most expensive outgoings each month, it’s important that homeowners find cost-effective ways to retain their home’s heat in winter, and keep the cool air inside in summer.
When the warmth leaches out of your home in winter, your thermostat stays running for longer. The longer it is running, the more the dollars are ticking up on your energy bill.
Windows can be one of the worst culprits for leaking warm air and letting the cold in, but Marvin take pride in the fact that all their window products are ENERGY STAR certified.


Lincoln Park Illinois can experience some weather extremes that other parts of the country don’t see. We get gale force winds, sub-zero winters, and dazzling summers, and all these conditions add up to local homeowners needing hardy window solutions.
With our kind of weather, single-pane windows, and double-pane, non-insulated windows just don’t cut it. Nor do window frames with an aluminum-only build, since these transfer heat between the exterior and interior of your home, instead of acting as a barrier between the two.


Marvin has three key product lines worth considering for your home renovations:
• Marvin Essential
• Marvin Signature
• Marvin Elevate

Of the three, we confidently recommend both the Signature and Elevate lines to our clients.
The Signature range is our winner across the board—you can view our full review of the three Marvin lines here—for exceptional durability, range of styles, and customization options.

Elevate is a strong contender that sits at a higher price-point. It offers beautiful, premium features and will appeal to architects and designers alike.
The Essential range has excellent durability, is still ENERGY STAR accredited, and excels as an entry-level product. What it offers in spades is slightly diminished by the limited amount of customization, and fewer styles of window.


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Part III. The Cost


Marvin Windows are a premium product—and the pricing reflects that pretty clearly. Brand recognition is a key factor, since Marvin is a premium brand in home renovation. With that comes a customer expectation of excellence, which the company has consistently met over the past 100 years.

This isn’t a matter of paying for the name, though. Some other factors that influence Marvin Windows’ price point are:

  • Stringent quality control and product testing across their product lines
  • High quality, often proprietary, materials
  • Exceptional customization
  • Premium manufacturing equipment not available to more affordable manufacturers


Marvin Windows Lincoln Park: Get the full range of window solutions offer a level of value based around longevity and durability. At this price point, they sit slightly lower than Pella, but with a performance record equal to—sometimes higher than—its competitor.

In short, Marvin Windows offers great value, when we take into consideration maintenance, replacements, repairs, and energy efficiency.


All Marvin Windows’ products offer an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. This level of warranty gives homeowners peace of mind in a few different ways:

  • Reassurance knowing that if your window product fails within 10 years of purchase, due to a manufacturing or materials fault, Marvin will cover the full cost of replacement.
  • Confidence in all Marvin insulated glass products. If the air seals fail within 20 years, Marvin will cover the full cost of replacement.

As with all warranties, it’s important to check the coverage limits. Ask your designer, builder, or authorized Marvin dealer what exactly is covered by the warranty. In many cases, the products must be purchased from, and installed by, an authorized person, or warranties only cover specific locations.


Marvin Windows Lincoln Park: Understanding the brands and products on offer puts you in a good position for your home renovation or new build. The more information you have, the more confidently you can go about creating new value in your home, whilst protecting your investment into the future.

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