Why Purchase Marvin Windows in Chicago?

When it comes to Marvin Windows, they are the best of the best for the following reasons:

  • Authentic wood windows with superior performance and strength
  • Very strict workmanship standards in the manufacturing process
  • Surprisingly smooth operation
  • Multiple cladding options (choose from fiberglass or aluminum)
  • Optional prefinished wood (you won’t have to stain your windows after you get them installed)
  • Optional fiberglass material on the interior – no maintenance required
  • Window customization that goes beyond the industry standards
  • The leader in next-generation window technology and design
  • Marvin windows maintain their original structure throughout various temperature changes
  • Sustainable wood sourcing from premium suppliers
  • Marvin stands behind the quality of their windows with strong warranties, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

About Marvin Windows

Marvin is a fourth-generation familyowned and operated business. Their headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Warroad, Minnesota. Marvin has been using this same location since they opened up in 1912.


Marvin Windows – Leader of Superior Quality

Marvin Double Hung Window Replacement

Marvin uses extremely high standards to separate itself from the other window manufacturers in the industry. Marvin’s obsession with quality is what contributes to their signature wood windows and doors. Their material selection, sourcing, and development are all key factors to having the best products on the market.

When it comes to building and designing homes, Marvin offers endless customization options.

This is why builders and architects keep returning to Marvin for new construction projects, for cities like Chicago.



Why Are Marvin Windows So Expensive?

  • The big price tag of Marvin windows can be attributed to the long history of window excellence which has led to the creation of the well-known brand.
  • The life of a Marvin Window first starts in a state of the art manufacturing facility that includes expensive, detail-oriented machines that ensure every window is beautifully crafted and meets Marvin’s strict standards.
  • On top of this, there is a very strict quality control team that inspects each window throughout each stage of manufacturing.
  • The Marvin Limited Warranty covers many components of Marvin windows and is also built into the price tag.
  • Marvin is a 4th generation family company that sells only premium window products.


What Product Lines Does Marvin Have?

Marvin has three different lines of windows:

  • Marvin Signature Series (Also known as Marvin Ultimate)
  • Marvin Elevate Series      (Previously known as Marvin Integrity)
  • Marvin Essential Series  (Previously known as Marvin All-Ultrex)

Each series uses a different combination of materials, with different limitations on customization. This is why they all are slightly priced differently.


Marvin Signature Series (Ultimate)

Marvin Signature Ultimate

This is Marvin’s top-of-the-line window series. The Marvin Signature Series features a wooden interior with an aluminum cladded exterior. This is Marvin’s architectural series, which can be customized to meet any demands of special sizes, colors, and options

Its modern engineered design and high-quality construction make it the most durable and easy-to-use window.


Marvin Elevate Series

Marvin Elevate Windows

The Marvin Elevate Series features a wooden interior and fiberglass exterior cladding called “Ultrex”.  Marvin’s “Ultrex” fiberglass material is patented and solely used by Marvin. Ultrex has a high density of woven fiberglass fibers that are bound by a thermally set resin. This makes it more resistant to temperature and pressure than vinyl-based composites.

Ultrex is a material that is extremely tough and requires no maintenance. Its expansion rate is nearly identical to glass, making it the perfect material of choice, especially during harsh winters, and hot summers.


Marvin Essential SeriesMarvin Essential Series

If you are not in the market for a wooden window, then Marvin’s Essential Series is for you. The interior and exterior are made from Ultrex fiberglass to make a tough and 100% maintenance-free product. This is a great option if you do not want to paint or maintain wooden windows.

The Warmth of Wood Windows is Unparalleled



Marvin Window Materials and Customization Options

Marvin windows can completely change the vibe that you feel when you enter a room. Each window is made one at a time to the precise specifications that a customer requests.

Marvin sets a high standard for material selection, development, and sourcing.


Ultrex Fiberglass

One of Marvin’s window materials include Ultrex® fiberglass. This material is featured in the Marvin Essential and Elevate Series

Benefits of Ultrex Fiberglass

  • Resists chalking, chipping, or fading
  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Produced to look the same many years after installation
  • Contracts and expands at the same rate as glass
  • Harsh climates and regular exposure to wind, temperature variation, rain, or snow will not negatively impact the shape
  • The only fiberglass material to be cleared for AAMA 624 verification. This means that the finish has gone through many stress tests


Extruded Aluminum

Window exteriors in the Signature series are covered with extruded aluminum to provide beauty and to reduce the need for maintenance. Marvin’s extruded aluminum has the highest level of performance when compared to competitors.

Extruded aluminum retains its shape and protects windows from harsh weather many years after installation. Marvin’s extruded aluminum adheres to the highest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 standard. The standard requires ten years of chalk resistance and color retention.

Also, Marvin grants a twenty-year warranty on clad finishes. It covers chalking, loss of adhesion, or fading. Marvin’s aluminum cladding is put through a five-step pre-treatment process that encourages strong adhesion.

Extruded aluminum can also fall into a wide range of profile widths because of precision cutting and fabrication processes. The range includes applications that call for extremely wide casing profiles or historic profiles. This makes it a great choice for Marvin Windows Chicago.

Pre-treat weights, film thickness, and color uniformity lead to long-lasting color. Marvin’s durable finish is available in many different options. There are nineteen durable, vibrant standard colors. Plus, its 70% PVDF fluoropolymer directly correlates to longer finish performance.

Benefits of Extruded Aluminium

  • Creation of custom profiles
  • Flexibility in matching details without jeopardizing performance
  • Long-lasting performance and color
  • A low-maintenance alternative to wood



Wood is aesthetically appealing to many people. Marvin offers many customization options such as design versatility. Wood can be used on both the exterior and interior of a window.

Marvin leads the industry in processing, sourcing, and utilizing high-quality wood. Marvin’s commitment to quality wood products starts with sourcing.

The Marvin team establishes relationships with wood suppliers. Many of their current wood suppliers have been sourcing Marvin’s wood for over twenty years.

Plus, Marvin has a team of materials experts that include degreed wood professionals. These experts go through annual training and wood specification-based education to stay on top of the latest wood knowledge.



Benefits of Wood

  • Can go through many different treatments and finishes
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Properties are sustained throughout severe temperature changes
  • Provides extraordinary insulation
  • Produces a natural, warm vibe in contemporary buildings and historic spaces as well


Everwood is exclusive to the Infinity series. Its interior finish offers all the warmth and beauty of wood with zero maintenance. It is made from an inorganic material, and it will not absorb moisture or decay as time passes.

There is no discoloration, warping, material degradation, contraction or expansion. Everwood provides reliable performance and long-lasting beauty for decades.

Benefits of Everwood

  • Feels and looks like real wood
  • Can be stained to match woodwork
  • No scraping, sanding, or refinishing is necessary

Marvin’s customization options, high-performance energy efficiency innovations, exclusive features, and top-notch personal service will allow you to find the perfect windows for your project.


Colors & Fading

Marvin Color Samples

Marvin’s extruded aluminum meets the highest American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2605 standard. This means that their aluminum is required 10 years of color retention and chalk resistance.

Marvin’s warranty also covers 20-years on the clad finish. This includes any loss of adhesion, chalking, or fading.



Frame Materiality

Marvin’s aluminum goes through a five-step pre-treatment process, promoting superb adhesion. In the next step, the frames are built to allow the extruded aluminum to fit a wide variety of profiles.

The extruded aluminum is available in 19 lavish standard colors but nearly unlimited in custom options.


Energy Performance

With Marvin windows Chicago, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty to get the highest energy efficiency for cities like. Marvin is committed to providing windows and doors that will help reduce your long-term energy bills. Marvin offers multiple unique energy efficiency options. The most popular selection includes ENERGY STAR quality for the most efficient rating.


Marvin Windows in Chicago

Marvin Windows meet the extreme durability requirements to withstand even the harshest of climates of cities like Chicago. No matter how cold or windy it gets, you can be sure that Marvin Windows will protect your Chicago home or apartment. The aluminum cladding and fiberglass options make great choices for Chicago homeowners due to their low expansion and contraction rate.


More Info About Marvin

Marvin has the most aesthetic and durable windows on today’s market.

No matter how complex your project is, Marvin has a solution. They offer all the popular window styles such as double hung, single hung, awning, casement, gliding, bow, specialty, round top, and hopper windows!

Also, they offer sliding and french style patio doors. With American homes changing and adapting, Marvin is here to help you give your home the look you always wanted. 

Marvin offers premium products that cater to your tastes and preferences. They lead the industry with new innovations and developments that are designed to strengthen your home.

With over 40 U.S. patents, Marvin is always looking to improve their design and performance. With Marvin’s endless custom options, high-performance energy efficiency, and unique features provide a flawless window for any project.

Their dedication to quality begins at sourcing the wood. Degreed wood specialists inspect all material to uphold their commitment to quality. They have gone through the proper training to pick out only the perfect logs to source their material from.


List of Marvin Windows

Marvin makes many different types of windows that have a wide variety of unique features and benefits. After reading more about these window types, you may better understand why they are so expensive. It takes skill, a wide variety of high-quality resources, and innovative minds to produce Marvin windows.


Double Hung Windows

Marvin double hung windows have two window sashes. The sashes have multiple ventilation options that make window use easy.


Marvin Double Hung Series

  •  Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation
  •  Ultimate Magnum Double Hung
  •  Ultimate Insert Double Hung Next Generation
  •  Ultimate Double Hung Insert


Single Hung Windows

Marvin single hung windows are made with a timeless, clean style. High-level engineering and the top-notch construction make this window incredibly adaptable, long-lasting, and simple to use.


Marvin Single Hung Windows

  • Marvin Ultimate Single Hung


Casement Windows

Marvin casement windows include window sashes connected to the frame by one or multiple hinges. Casement-style windows are connected on the side and can swing outward or inward. These windows include Marvin’s patented exclusive wash mode too.

Marvin Casement Windows

  •  Ultimate Casement
  • Ultimate French Casement
  •  Ultimate Push Out Casement
  • Ultimate Push Out French Casement
  • Ultimate Replacement Casement
  •  Ultimate Replacement Push Out Casement
  • Contemporary Casement
  • Inswing Casement


Venting Picture Windows

Marvin venting picture windows are similar to the normal picture window, however, they can be opened slightly. This is a unique product that almost no other manufacturer has besides Marvin.

Marvin Venting Picture Windows

  • Ultimate Venting Picture


Awning Windows

Marvin awning windows include a window sash connected to the frame by one or multiple hinges. Awning-style windows are connected to the top of the frame and tend to swing outward.

Marvin Awning Windows

  •  Ultimate Awning
  •  Ultimate Push Out Awning
  •  Ultimate Replacement Awning
  •  Ultimate Replacement Push Out Awning
  •  Ultimate Contemporary Awning


Glider Windows

Marvin’s  glider window blends a state-of-the-art window design with a timeless, clean, style. High-level engineering and the top-notch construction make this window especially long-lasting, adaptable, and easy to use.

Marvin Glider Windows

  • Ultimate Glider
  • Ultimate Oxxo Glider


Bay and Bow Windows

The Bay and Bow windows combine state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Bay windows consist of a series of windows. They include a picture window that is flanked by smaller windows at specific angles. Bow windows consist of a series of windows that are joined by a soft curve.

Marvin Bay and Bow Windows


Marvin Corner Windows

Marvin Corner Windows are great for people who desire panoramic views in their home. Corner windows can add a design bonus to both the exterior and interior of your home. Capture light and create an incredible view from multiple angles with this unique, specialty window.

Marvin Corner Windows

  • Corner Window
  • Contemporary Corner Window


Specialty Shapes and Direct Glaze

Direct glaze windows have qualities of both outdoor and indoor windows. Large glass, thin frames and nearly endless sizes and shapes merge to form an open, illuminated space.

Marvin Specialty Shapes & Glaze Windows

  • Modern Direct Glaze Window
  • Specialty Shapes


Round Top Windows

Marvin’s round top windows add conventional arching and beautiful lines to your home. These versatile windows can be an incredible dramatic focal point that can improve your home design dramatically.

  •  Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Round Top
  •  Ultimate Casement Round Top
  •  Push Out Casement Round Top
  •  Push Out French Casement Round Top
  •  Direct Glaze Round Top
  •  Ultimate Double Hung Round Top


Tilt Turn and Hopper Windows

Marvin’s Tilt Turn and Hopper windows can tilt and turn with ease. Hopper windows are a great addition to any home that needs an extra touch of light.

Marvin Tilt & Turn, Hopper Windows


Marvin Modern Windows in Chicago

Marvin Modern windows are made with high-density fiberglass and fashionable frame designs that allow for advanced thermal performance. The Integrated Mull Channel allows you to have mull reinforcement without compromising sightlines.

  • Modern Multi-Slide Door
  • Modern Direct Glaze Window
  • Modern Casement
  • Modern Awning


Contemporary Studio Windows

The Marvin Contemporary Studio collection of windows includes light-filled spaces with modern open-concept designs.

Huge expanses of glass allow natural light to make its way into your home. Minimalist hardware allows for modern detail, and the thermal performance is advanced.

  • Contemporary Casement
  •  Contemporary Awning
  •  Special Shapes
  • Ultimate Glider
  • Ultimate OXXO Glider
  • Contemporary Corner


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