Advanced Windows of Chicago

Advanced Windows Chicago

6300 Series – Top of the Line

The 6300 Series, the top of the line vinyl product, offers the most up-to-date design which features the following:

  • Fully sloped sill
  • Meeting rail profiles with integrated lock system, reducing air infiltration  and increasing security
  • High-density internal wall design to increase thermal, structural and acoustical  performances
  • Constant force balancer system
  • Tilt-in option for easy cleaning
  • Zinc die casted cam locks and keepers
  • Galvanized steel reinforcements for both of the sash meeting rails, vertical stiles and frame-sill profile
  • Externally glazed to reduce air or water  leakage
  • Triple weatherstrip/gasket system to seal sash members and frame against each other
  • Extruded aluminum frame half screen with fiberglass mesh

Steel Reinforced Vinyl Frames

Advanced Windows sets itself apart from other manufacturers by providing the strongest frame possible to ensure your windows won’t warp over time.

Each sash is reinforced with galvanized steel in the top and bottom rail. You can see these reinforcements in the photo (painted red for clarity)

Further, the mainframe sill is also reinforced with steel to prevent buckling.

You can finally get a worry-free double hung when you choose Advanced.

LoE-i89 Coating

 Say hello to LoE i89 glass coating, the revolutionary technology that will transform your windows and upgrade your living experience.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency: LoE i89 is engineered with cutting-edge technology, combining a low-emissivity (LoE) coating and a solar control layer. This dynamic duo acts as an invisible barrier, reflecting your HVAC back to its source for savings! As a result, your home remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Exterior Finishes (*custom colors also are available)


Interior Finishes (*see in person sample for wood grains)

Our multi-chamber frame profiles maximize the thermal and structural performance of our vinyl products making the warmest, most resilient windows in town. Our products have a limited lifetime warranty, and insulated glass units are warrantied for 20 years.