Andersen Windows — Industry Pioneers Since 1903

Founded in 1903, Andersen Windows has been leading the way in the production and installation of sustainable, high-quality windows and doors ever since.

Our values? They have and will always be citizenship, partnership, innovation, integrity, and excellence.

Why Purchase Andersen Windows?

When it comes to our team here at Andersen Windows, we have consistently proven that we are the best in the business. Why? Take a look below:

  • We offer highly energy-efficient solutions thanks to our countless glass options.
  • All our windows are durable and are made to withstand extreme temperatures (especially our Fibrex models).
  • We’ve been making waves in the industry since 1903 (over 115 years!).
  • Our team is personable yet professional. 
  • We offer unlimited customization options so you can truly stamp your mark on your home.
  • We are committed to sustainability and providing environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • All our products go through the toughest quality and performance tests.

What Product Lines Does Andersen Windows Have?

We separate our windows into 6 main product lines:

  • Andersen E-Series
  • Andersen A-Series
  • Andersen Big Doors
  • Andersen 400 Series
  • Andersen 200 Series
  • Andersen 100 series

Let’s look at 4 of these in detail below so you can get to know our product lines and decide which is right for you.

#1 Andersen 100 Series (Fibrex Composite)

Our 100 series is made entirely from Fibrex composite material that is much stronger and far more rigid than its vinyl cousin.

This series comes in a plethora of colors designed to bring stability and aesthetics to your home no matter the climate.

These windows are energy efficient and environmentally responsible allowing you to remodel, build, or replace your fixtures without worrying about the repercussions. 

#2 Andersen 400 Series (Wood Interior, Vinyl-Wrapped Exterior)

This is our longest-standing product range and, therefore, has proven time and time again to be the most popular among our customers.

The windows in this series bring an unmatchable blend of performance and fashion into your home. We have injected years of fine-tuning into this window range and our customers’ reactions have proven that it has been worth it. 

They are low-maintenance thanks to the vinyl exterior which ensures they withstand even the most intense rainstorms. The natural pine, white, black, or dark bronze interior brings that classy touch that just can’t be replicated.

#3 Andersen A-Series (Wood Interior, Fiberglass Exterior)

Our A-Series windows are part of our larger Architectural Collection. They are the most energy-efficient and highest-performing windows that we have ever constructed.

You can choose from an extensive color range and trims to truly make the windows your own. Whatever your style, you’ll find an A-Series product to match.

Moreover, the glass inside is just as customizable. You can pick from triple-pane glass and even innovative HeatLock technology to further improve energy efficiency. 

#4 Andersen E-Series (Wood Interior, Aluminum Exterior)

If you are after fully customized windows, our E-Series is for you. There are 50 exterior colors to pick from, including custom mixed and anodized finishes. You can even change the interior wood finish — including the tree species we make it from!

As far as size goes, we can build our E-Series windows to any specifications. Everyone loves some dramatic glass paneling and we don’t disappoint. 

Andersen Windows Materials and Customization Options

Our extensive range of materials and customization options knows no bounds. Let us prove it.

Our Materials

#1 Wood

Wood isn’t just beautiful, it ensures rigidity, strength, and incredibly thermal performance that is incredibly hard to replicate. All our wooden windows are expertly clad to ensure low-maintenance exteriors and resistance to elements.

Our 400, 200, A-, and E-Series all feature beautiful wooden sashes and frames that your home is sure to embrace.

#2 Vinyl

We use vinyl as a protective cladding for our wood-core windows. Essentially, we combine the strength of the wood with the supremely weather-resistance of the vinyl to bring you the ultimate window.

Vinyl isn’t new. But it has been used for almost 50 years, bringing quality to whatever it touches. It’s no wonder that our best-selling windows incorporate this excellent material.

#3 Fibrex Material

Our Fibrex material is compromised of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer to effectively block thermal transfer almost 700 times better than aluminum. This isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also good for your energy bill.

This material requires no painting or preservatives, allowing you to reduce your VOC emissions. Not to mention that it’s twice as durable and strong as vinyl.

What’s not to love?

#4 Aluminum

Aluminum is resistant to harsh weather conditions and is almost devoid of maintenance!

We ensure this material is used to its full potential by using it in all kinds of applications. Whether you want to inject some fancy details into your trims or reinforce your cladding, aluminum can do it all. 

#5 Fiberglass

We use fiberglass to provide maintenance-free exteriors that will still sit pretty after adverse weather conditions. Protection and durability is fiberglass’s middle name.

Our A-Series windows feature this material in all its glory. If it’s something lightweight and easy to operate you’re looking for, you can stop searching. 

Our Customization Options

#1 Glass Options

Thought you could only get one glass type in your Andersen windows? You thought wrong! We have 7 performance options to choose from and even 5 specialty glass types!

The performance glass options are as follows:

  • Low-E
  • SmartSun
  • Sun Glass
  • PassiveSun
  • Triple-Pane
  • Dual-Pane
  • HeatLock

Our specialty glass includes:

  • Safety
  • Laminated
  • Sound-reducing
  • Art
  • Privacy patterned

#2 Grilles and Hardware

From colonial to the prairie to diamond grilles, we can offer you it all and then some more too! Of course, there are additional patterns up for grabs if you don’t like our most popular designs.

As far as hardware goes, you can pick from a variety of finishes such as distressed bronze, antique brass, brushed chrome, pewter, or gold. Not to mention that you can play around with the handle and thing styles too.

#3 Exterior Trim

For added curb appeal, we can add our specialty Andersen exterior trim to your windows and doors. We have plenty of options to choose from but you’re more than welcome to design your own to truly bring your ideas to life.

#4 Art Glass

We offer unlimited art and stained glass options for you to pick from. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color to a couple of panes or you’re hoping to bring your latest masterpiece to life, we’ve got you covered.

#5 TruScene Insect Screens

If insects are bothering you as soon as you let some fresh air in, we can help. Our TruScene screens are made from patented micro-fine stainless steel mesh that allows 25% more air into your home. Plus, they give you 50% more clarity than the average insect screen. 

#6 Smart Home Solutions

For those of you who want a completely connected home, we’ll install special smart home solutions to ensure you can realize your dreams. 

Andersen Windows — Sustainable Solutions For You

What are you waiting for? Help us help you create your dream home today!


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Andersen 100 Series Fibrex Windows


Andersen has launched an exclusive product in order to one-step-up the vinyl window market. This series is called the Fibrex composite series.

What’s special about this window is that it is designed not to flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit, or corrode.

The patented Fibrex material proves its durability as a material that is made with a combination of 60% vinyl  PVC and 40% Ponderosa pine wood fibers.

Many customers find that this product does not cost a fortune more than vinyl products. This is why many homeowners have started to install Fibrex windows over vinyl windows.

Another plus of these windows is that it gives off a similar look to wood, but with the durability of vinyl. 

Your Andersen windows are under warranty and will not flake, rust, blister, peel, or crack. They will perform the same way 10 and 20  years down the road.

The strong Fibrex material makes it possible to have narrower frames. This results in a higher percentage of glass view. The manufacturing process makes it possible to craft windows made specifically for your home. Also, the manufacturing process fuses the color within the fibrex material. You have a few different varieties of colors stemming from white to dark bronze.

A variety of window grill patterns and interior species of wood allow you to match your home design.



For the interior, you can explore the different color options which include white, sandtone, dark bronze, and black for the interior.

For the exterior, you have one more color option available. All the colors are white, sandtone, dark bronze, black, terratone,

There are more colors available in the 400 series, the architectural series, and the E Series

Andersen 400 Series Windows

The 400 series is a double hung wooden interior with a vinyl exterior. It has a convenient tilt-in feature to simplify the window cleaning process. You are able to choose between 3 different interior wood species. The exterior color has a few more options over the 100 series fibrex. These products have been time tested and perfected for maximum effectiveness.

Andersen’s recent launch of their Fibrex compound material delivers excellent results. The integration of vinyl and wood results in a structure that is twice as strong as vinyl. Also, Andersen guarantees the exterior will not fade, flake, blister, or peel. The fibrex offers homeowners an environmentally capable material that will look beautiful and deliver the durability your home needs.