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About Sunrise Windows

Founded in 1994, Sunrise Windows has since built a staggering reputation for innovation, service, design, and craftsmanship. Owned by highly experienced industry professionals Larry VanDeVelde, Gary Delman, and Elliott Delman, the company has continued refining and developing breathtaking windows, allowing them to constantly live up to their motto, “The Difference is Clear!”.

In 1995, they moved into a single 35,000-square-foot facility until 1998, when the company relocated to Temperance, Michigan, where they remain to this day. 


Sunrise Windows — Providers of Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Sunrise Windows crafts products designed to look as good as they perform. How? By upholding every creation to unbearably high standards. From customized designs to standard shapes and sizes, you should expect nothing but perfection from this talented company’s windows. 

Their commitment to aesthetics and performance plays a huge role in Sunrise Windows taking the vinyl window market by storm. Thanks to their locally-sourced, high-quality materials and seemingly endless customization options, you can truly make your house a home.


Why Purchase Sunrise Windows in Chicago?

There are plenty of reasons why the best architects, designers, and builders always return to Sunrise Windows. They’re simply the best vinyl windows on the market, and here’s why:

  • Best Air filtration rating of .02 cfm (truly solving your drafty windows problem on double hungs)
  • Unparalleled frame insulation, offering seven times better R-Values than vinyl windows with hollow frames
  • Double hungs with Triple weather-stripping at every contact point
  • Best Lifetime warranty – beating all other manufacturers
  • Up to 27% more viewing area than standard vinyl windows
  • Unmatched beauty – detailed frame profiles
  • Secure sash structure scoring 10 out of 10 on the AAMA forced entry test


Sunrise Windows Materials and Customization Options

The title doesn’t lie. Sunrise Windows genuinely produces the best vinyl windows. The esteemed manufacturer never cuts corners when choosing materials and offers a jaw-dropping array of customization options so you can ensure everything fits your home’s style and architecture.

Each window is custom designed and manufactured to fit your exact specifications. And you can count on high-tech engineering for efficiency, air filtration, and beauty. 

But let’s take a closer look at their decorative options:

  • Grids — With Sunrise Windows, you can choose from an extensive range of distinct grid styles to add sophistication and classic charm to your home. 
  • Decorative glass — From colorful, ornate masterpieces to understated yet stylish mosaics, let your creative juices flow.
  • Simulated meeting rails — You can get the features of an awning or casement window while maintaining the classic aesthetic of a double hung.
  • Hardware — Whatever your style or finish preference, Sunrise Windows have the locks and handles for you.

Alongside that, you can choose from a range of optional features, including:

  • Exterior brickmould — Contoured brickmould improves the look of your brand-new windows. 
  • Screens — Built-in pet-damage-resistant screens let you enjoy the breeze without worrying about your furry friends escaping.
  • Solar Clean glass — Guarantee crisp, clean windows with this self-cleaning glass. It uses the sun’s rays to break down dirt and debris, washing it away with the next rain shower.

Colors and Fading

You can choose from a range of interior (such as Colonial Cherry, Norwegian Maple, Balanced Black, and Tan) and exterior (like Earthtone, Sandstone, Painter’s White, Vintage Linen, and Mystic Gray) finishes to achieve perfect coordination. And if you don’t see the color you’re after? Just ask! There’s always the custom exterior paint option.

Painted colors boast a 20-year warranty on cracking, blistering, and peeling and ten years on fading. Capstock interior/exterior combinations come with a lifetime warranty. Talk about worry-free windows!


Frame Materiality

Sunrise Windows super iUPVC frame material ensures energy efficiency you just can’t achieve elsewhere. The truth is, you’re typically forced to pick between beauty and performance. But Sunrise Windows has changed the game with their properly insulated, advanced product construction. 

The two chambers packed with high-end insulation perform twice as well as foam-filled frames. Combine that with fusion welding, triple weather stripping, and dedicated extrusions, and you benefit from the lowest air leakage rates in the industry. 


First-Rate Functionality

The windows boast self-tensioning block-and-tackle balance systems most commonly seen in ultra-bank-breaking name-brand models. They’re deftly engineered to have a four times longer life than competitors’ systems.

Amazingly, they boast recessed night latches that allow you to bask in the slight breeze without the vulnerability of open windows. Not to mention you’ll find cleaning easy — yes, even on the outside — thanks to their secure locking pin and shoe tilt-in apparatus. 


Sunrise Windows in Chicago — Surpassing Performance and Efficiency Requirements

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Sunrise Windows’ products are expertly crafted to ensure industry-leading energy efficiency, air filtration, and performance. These windows go above and beyond industry standards with excellent frame insulation, high-tech construction, and airtight seals.


Thermal Performance

Improper installation and insufficient frame insulation lead to your home losing the heat from your radiators and the cold from your AC. But with Sunrise Windows, everything stays where it belongs — inside your home. 

The National Fenestration Rating Council ensures window labeling requirements are met. U-Factor (the lower the number, the better insulation), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (the lower the number, the more heat the window reflects), and air leakage (the lower the number, the lower the potential for drafts) are displayed on the label.

And yes, Sunrise Windows exceeds in every category. No matter your climate, they have ENERGY STAR-certified glass that can withstand all types of weather zones. 

Air Infiltration

Air infiltration causes temperature differences due to cold drafts, causing you to bump up the thermostat and spend excessive money on heating.

As mentioned, the lower the air infiltration rating, the lower the draft risk. Currently, industry standards dictate a 0.3 rating. But Sunrise Windows blows that figure out the water by providing a 0.02 rating on their double hungs, the lowest available in the marketplace.

Wind Loads

Your home is constantly bombarded with the elements. From the harshest blizzards to the sweltering sun, your windows need to cope with the challenge.

Thankfully, Sunrise Windows’ completely fusion-welded iUPVC frames are more than capable of keeping you, your house, and your loved ones safe from adverse conditions. No weep holes or air leaks here.

Sound Control

Without high-quality insulation in the mainframe, windows suffer abysmal sound control. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that with Sunrise Windows.

You’ll find two chambers filled with the same insulation provided in A-class coolers inside their high-tech frames. Such advanced material ensures sound and heat insulation that works twice as well as foam-filled windows.

Additionally, you benefit from a seven times better heat resistance score (i.e., R-Value) than hollow-frame versions. 

Water Damage

Even though the windows are crafted from vinyl, upon installation, your home receives a water barrier and drainage plane to guarantee zero moisture penetration around the window’s frame. Their long-lasting seal with edge deletion offers groundbreaking performance that’ll stand the grueling test of time.

The List of Sunrise Windows

Sunrise Windows manufactures an extensive array of window types with various bespoke features, benefits, and aesthetics. With our list, you’ll come to understand each one to help you better realize why they’re truly the best vinyl windows around.

Double Hung Windows

Their double hung windows boast the elegance of traditional windows without all the hassle. They showcase a double contoured Narrowline exterior mainframe to boost curb appeal and supply the beauty you and your home deserve.

But the best part? The polyurethane window frame insulation skyrockets the energy efficiency rating, so you get to take advantage of the industry’s best.

Single Hung Windows

Aesthetically, Sunrise Windows’ single hung styles are timeless. But it’s the simple functionality that transforms them into more than just a pretty choice.

The single moving sash system drastically decreases air infiltration and provides excellent home security due to the fewer failure points on the locking mechanism. 

Casement Windows

Sunrise Windows’ casement models combine supreme ventilation with the charm, beauty, and versatility that’ll never grow old. 

The highly respected manufacturer supplies two unbreaking weather strip seals around the perimeter to eliminate drafts. The recessed screen ensures a larger viewing area compared to standard casement windows. Plus, the full-flip nesting hardware lets you clean the exterior glass from the safety of your home. 

Sliding Windows

With effortless operation and expansive views, their sliding windows have an ultra-modern appeal and zero grids to interrupt your gaze. 

Unlike Sunrise Windows’ other styles, they don’t rely on springs or pulleys. Instead, they feature two brass rollers and a stainless-steel axle for years of hassle-free performance.

Oh, and they’re the most low-maintenance, cost-effective option of them all!

Bay and Bow Windows

Nothing says luxury quite like Sunrise Windows’ custom-made bay and bow windows. Designed to fit your home like a glove, you can choose everything from the glass designs, size, interior finish, and configurations to get the view you’re craving.

Complete with an anti-water penetration system and high-quality seatboards, side panels, and headboards, they’re a glamourous yet classic option for all kinds of architectural styles. 

Picture Windows

If you want the highest possible energy efficiency, aren’t bothered about opening your window, and still wish to get a picturesque view of the landscape, Sunrise Windows picture windows are for you. 

Since they don’t open, they provide optimal home security. Plus, they’re almost maintenance-free and one of the most durable styles. 

Garden Windows

The company’s garden windows are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Super popular over the kitchen sink, they feature four energy-efficient glass panes and extra space for flowers and plants (or anything else for that matter). Consider it a mini greenhouse where you get to pick from five solid-surface seatboard colors.

Functional and stylish? You can’t say no to that!

Awning Windows

Sunrise Windows awning options provide unmatched ventilation while protecting your precious interior from the rain. Due to their smaller size, they can be put higher on the wall to achieve ventilation without invading your privacy.

The signature dual weatherstripping system ensures a tight seal, guarding against moisture and boasting the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. 

Geometric Shapes

If you feel like going all-out and giving your home a wholly unique exterior, Sunrise Windows’ geometric windows allow you to become the designer. You select the shape, size, and configuration; they complete your vision. 

Whether you go for a quarter-round, triangle, octagon, circle top, full circle, pentagon, or something else entirely, you’ll still benefit from unparalleled craftsmanship, ultimate energy efficiency, and Narrowline window design. 

Projected Frame Windows

These custom-built windows are perfect if your home needs some classic, elegant appeal. They’re incredibly functional and visually stunning, ensuring you never have to compromise. 

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